Phase Behavior : Melting Point

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Melting Point:- The temperature at which polymer transmit into crystalline form to determine the melting point. The polymer of low-molecular substance exist very low melting point and this happened when polymer chain is dispersed. In physical state melting point is very difficult to calculate. Polymer will decompose at high temperature rather than melts. It is also known as crystalline melting temperature.

Glass Transition Temperature:- Polymer drop the temperature below glass transition. When temperature rise above the glass transition. Polymer become rubber like material. Glass transition is very important for the selection of material for various application. The temperature below glass transition define the domain of elastomer and value above the room temperature defined, structural polymer, rigid polymer. The glass transition polymer contain long chain of polymer, linked with atom and passes a complex molecular structure.

Mixed Phase Behavior:- In phase behavior polymer mixture are long chains, specify higher volume than the molecule and have equal volume. The mixing of polymer solution tends to increase the free energy polymers. They are rarer of small molecule because of concentrated solution of polymer. Their interaction with each other is more favorable than
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