Phase Iii

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I. Employee Appraisal and Performance Evaluation: The performance appraisals at Initech are an essential process for the effective management and evaluation of the organization staff. They are conducted to help each Division develop their individual’s associates, improve their performance, and also for next fiscal years business planning purposes. Performance Appraisals will help to monitor standards, objectives, expectations, responsibilities, tasks, training needs and career succession planning. Also the employee appraisals are used for the evaluation of annual pay and grading reviews, which also coincides with the next year business planning. Performance appraisals at Initech are also important for staff motivation, for…show more content…
Active in industry-related professional and/or community groups. Exceeded Expectations (4): Consistently meets and often exceeds all relevant performance standards as identified by Initech. Shows initiative and versatility, works collaboratively, has strong technical & interpersonal skills or has achieved significant improvement in these combined areas. Meets Expectations (3): Meets all relevant performance standards as identified by Initech. Seldom exceeds or falls short of desired results or objectives. Lacks appropriate level of skills or is inexperienced/still learning the scope of the job. Below Expectations (2): Sometimes meets the performance standards as identified by Initech. Seldom exceeds and often falls short of desired results. Performance has declined significantly, or employee has not sustained adequate improvement, as required since the last performance review or performance improvement plan. Needs Improvement (1): Consistently falls short of performance standards as identified by Initech. Instructions for Performance Evaluation Describe the associate contributions in each of the performance categories below. Provide examples since the last performance evaluation. Personal Attributes Score: 0% / 5.0 % Competency Ratings Scale Comments: (0%) Quality Completes high quality work according to specifications. Thoroughly follows standards and procedures. Keeps complete
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