Phases Of The Phallus '

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Phases of the Phallus Throughout time, mankind’s fascination with symbols, things that represent something else to more than one person (McIntyre, 102), of sex genetalia has been prevalent; however, the dominant sex of genetalia has changed with different historical periods. It is the collective conscience, or the totality of beliefs and sentiments common to the average members of the same society (McIntyre, 13) that defines the values of the culture and therefore the meanings that are associated with the symbols of genetalia. This exchange of worshiped genetalia has been influenced by the shifts of power between various institutions, or accepted structures or mechanisms of social order which governs this collective conscience by defining statuses, roles, values, and norms (McIntyre, 113). Thus, the institution that has power over the society is able to control meanings of symbols and thus meanings are able to control how culture is perceived. The relation between the institutions of man with the periods of time in which the sociological artifacts of the phallus and the vulva are dominant can be viewed through a sociological lense to understand their significance in mankind’s history. This paper focuses on the influence of government and religion on the changing meanings of these symbols in society. This change in meanings associated with the phallus and vulva symbol has been present since the early phases of mankind’s development; furthermore, power and dominance of
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