Phases, Steps, Techniques, And Deliverables

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1) Compare and contrast phases, steps, techniques, and deliverables.

PHASES: It is a process of a development or a part of the change in the particular cycle.

STEPS: It is a part of particular phase which helps to accomplish the particular task.

TECHNIQUES: A way of executing or performing a particular task in a cycle.

DELIVERABLES: These are the specific documents and files that provide understanding about the project in the development process.

Example: When you apply for visa for a certain country, there are several phases that everyone need to go through: collecting documents, applying, and acceptence of visa. Every phase has steps—collecting documents includes steps like apply for passport, requesting government documents, . people then use techniques (e.g., surfing websites) those are the different steps (e.g., requesting government documents) to create deliverables (e.g., scheduling and giving a visa interveiw.)

2) Describe the principal steps in the planning phase. What are the major deliverables?
The principal steps in the planning phase are,
• Project Initiation
It identifies the value of a particular buisness system.
Project Management
– It creates a work plan,
– Manages staffing, controls and the procedures defined.
• The major deliverables are,
– Requesting a particular task from the system.
– Checking for a problem and acquiring statement.
– Giving a buisness case scenario on which the coders have to work on.
– Checking wheather with all the
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