Phases of Process Analysis

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Process analysis is the systematic breakdown of the phases of a process. The first piece of the process is the initiation phase, where the business identified a problem in the human resources (HR) system. A proposal to develop software for the real-time integration of the HR system with multiple other systems of record was submitted to solve the problem. After the business approves the proposal, the next part of the process is system concept development. This phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC) involves collecting system boundary documentation that identifies the scope of the system, conducting a feasibility study and cost/benefit analysis, and developing a risk management plan (Blaha & Rumbaugh, 2005).
The business requirement is for an automated analysis of HR data and real-time identity integration between numerous systems. Automation adds value to the business, saves time and manpower, and makes HR data more accurate. While the implementation of a real-time system represents a considerable investment for the business, it will be more cost-efficient since it would drastically reduce delays incurred from manually updating information in each system. A real-time system also helps the business achieve certain government regulation requirements and prevent significant audit findings.
The first step in the implementation of a real-time system is to gather as much information as possible. All data from the current HR system should be transferred to the new
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