Phases of the History of India Essay

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The history can be divided into four phases:

1898 to 1957

The first motorcar on the streets of India was seen in 1898. In 1903, an American company began a public taxi service with a fleet of 50 cars in Mumbai. For about 50 years after the first car arrived in India, cars were directly imported until foreign manufacturers began to realize the vast potential India had with its vast distances and large population. Before world war-1, around 4,000 motor vehicles were imported. During the wars, a start for an automobile industry was made by establishing assembly plants in Mumbai, Calcutta, and Chennai. The import / assembly of motor vehicles grew manifold post 1920s, crossing 30,000 units by 1930. It was towards the end of the war that the importance of establishing an indigenous automobile industry in India was realized when Premier Automobiles Ltd. (PAL) and Hindustan Motors (HM) set up factories in the mid 40s for progressive manufacture rather than assembly from imported components. At the time of independence, The PAL and HM focused on passenger cars, whereas the Mahindra brothers started Mahindra & Mahindra in 1945 with the objective of making utility vehicles. After Independence, Automobiles was defined as the industry of huge importance in India hence steps were taken for its control and regulation by the government. The starters, were restricted from importing completely built-up units, if not completely banned. In 1952 the government appointed the…

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