Phd Statement of Purpose

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I am submitting my credentials for admission to the Ph.D. program in Organizational Behavior at Purdue University because I want to pursue a career in teaching and organizational consulting. To be more specific, I am interested in studying the factors that influence employee motivation, employee productivity in different environments and the effects of layoffs on employee motivation. In order to better understand these issues, it is extremely essential for me to have a strong command of various areas of organizational theory, psychology as well as management principles. I believe that the Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior would be beneficial in helping me achieve my career goals since it would provide me with the necessary…show more content…
I used this opportunity to network throughout the company and this experience enabled me to discover some of the more efficient ways of doing business by removing bottlenecks and redundancies in the hierarchical processes of the company. Working on various projects of different scope helped me gain a broad exposure to the retail industry, organizational communication and the variability of consumer behavior. I strongly feel that I need a better understanding of how organizations function, how they utilize a diverse workforce in a synergetic manner and the factors which affect employee productivity levels. Therefore, I feel that further training and research in the area of Organizational Behavior would be essential to enhance my knowledge and skills. Purdue University is my preferred institution because the faculty is impressively knowledgeable and intellectually nurturing which taught me a lot about the world that we live in. I really like the teaching methodology and the use of real world case studies to prepare students for the outside world. My interest in pursuing a Ph.D. program was kindled while I was enrolled in the MBA program. However, a tough financial situation coupled with the specter of student loans kept haunting me. I accepted the job at Sears Holdings Corporation in order to gain financial stability to pay off some of my loans and muster some
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