Phenomenology And Its Impact On The Middle East

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PHENOMENOLOGY Thesis statement which successfully ties the three “pieces” of the exam together?
The method, known as phenomenology, was used to examine details of human experience and consciousness in order to observe the most basic facts of human existence. The examination included not just observations of the way the world appears, but observations of one’s thoughts, and when and how they occur. The phenomenological research gives us the opportunity to explore the current conflicts in the Middle East. It guides us to find specific information as to why this phenomenon occurred. Phenomenology research is one of the most general qualitative practices employed in doctoral dissertations. Moustakas (1994) states, “research should focus only on the wholeness of the experience and a search of essences of experiences” (p.100). He sees knowledge as a combined connotation of a phenomenon and the person facing the experience.
Phenomenology is employed as a guide to obtain detail explanation of the nature of the conflict and its experience. “To find a new philosophy in the field of conflict and in order to gain knowledge of an object it must be understood through the consciousness of the one who experiences” (Cooper & Finley, 2014, p. 70). This paper is based on the attacks and war on Iraq and the people who experience those attacks. Scholars mentioned, one of the reasons for the attacks were improper measurements to resolve conflict. Phenomenology fosters knowledge on experience.…
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