Phenomenology In The Works Of Peter Zumthor

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Discuss how phenomenology has become a fundamental concern in the works of Peter Zumthor through both the formal and spatial characteristics of his design for the Steilneset Witches Memorial, Vardø, Norway
Phenomenology in architectural terms can be expressed as: The philosophical study if the built space as it appears in experience.
It however gets its root meaning from the Greek words_ phainómenon which means: “that which appears”, and logos which means: “study”.
We can further bring this to more expressive wording and say; the philosophical (in Greek means love of wisdom) study of structures of experience and consciousness.
In the following assignment we will find out phenomenology has become a fundamental concern in the works of Peter Zumthor.
Peter Zumthor is a Swiss architect (currently aged 74) whose work is often seen as minimalist and uncompromising. Zumthor through his years of practice and managing a small firm managed to pocket himself two very notable awards amongst plenty others. The awards
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Each place has a history, a memorial for the people that have worked there and lived there. I believe architecture should speak simple things and labour. The buildings (his) try to be very simple and straight forward in construction and not too sophisticated. The building ensures that it is about being inside, it’s about being outside. The inside can be theatrical. If you may the space black, then the natural colours outside can come into the space (not necessarily with the Steilneset witch Memorial as the theatrical intentions were somewhat different). Materials are important in my work (his) because I don’t paint, I don’t use light and shadow like in film_ I use real materials, because they are an important way in which I can express myself in architecture and should make sense to the theme. (He also works with “indirect quotes” to achieve architectural transformations and
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