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Applying an Ethical Theory PHI208 Kristy Villone March 30, 2014 Should assisted death, or euthanasia be an option for the terminally ill? In 1994, the Oregon Death With Dignity Act was formed, making Oregon the first state to legalize physician assisted deaths with restrictions. As of today, Washington, Vermont, New Mexico, along with Oregon are all legalized in euthanasia. The individuals wanting to end their life must be at least 18 years of age with a terminal illness, be a state resident, and have less than six months to live ( 2014). The question is, is euthanasia ethical? In this paper, I will be focusing on euthanasia and how it relates to the Deontology Theory. The Deontology Theory relates to the rights and…show more content…
We must respect their dignity. So how can we say this act is wrong if they can die with dignity? We have a duty to let them die with dignity. Another argument for euthanasia is justice. Justice says that we must respect one's decisions and rights. Not letting someone who is terminally ill and suffering is not doing them justice. If there were someone I knew who was terminally ill, I would not want to see them suffer. Supporting their decision of dying with dignity would be my duty. My father would not allow me to visit my ill grandfather in the hospital. He wanted me to remember him how he was, not the sick man in the bed. We have a duty to do them justice in what they want. Many doctor's go against the idea of euthanasia. They are there to protect their patients and help them live, whatever that may suggest. However, when they are terminally ill and have a limited time to live, they need to respect not only their job, but their patients. This can be done by doing their duties as a doctor and helping their patient die painlessly. Those may argue they are not protecting their patients because they are shortening their life. However, their quality of life is very poor. The doctor has a duty to do what is not only best for their patient, but also relieve their pain. If they were refused euthanasia and still had to live for the next 5 months in pain, would that be moral? No, it would not be because the doctor has a duty to fulfill. In closing, with Deonotolgy we have

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