Phi 210 Week 1

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Here are some reactions to the content of chapter 2, and answering three questions that the instructor asked: • After reading this chapter, what questions were you left with? That is, did you find any of the discussion difficult or confusing? • What in this chapter surprised you? • How might your ethical obligations to your employer, to the public, and to the environment affect you in your current workplace? In the principles of ethical communication, there is a point that is difficult to obey which is “tell the truth” (Markel). It is a few people can always tell the truth when they under pressure. For example, in my summer holiday, I went to a public class with my parents. The topic about that class was the relationship between family members. When the speaker asked me that did I give my father a gift in the Father’s Day, I lied and answered: Yes. At that time, I decided to lie because of two reasons. The first one was that I was afraid that if my answer is NO, I will face the censure. Besides, since it is an open class, there are many people sat around you, they let me feel pressure. I believe that others will also face the similar situation that the pressure…show more content…
These two points are important for me in the workplace because I’m not the only one staff in the workplace; that means most things I need to share with my colleagues, such as the printer and desks. To protect the public facilities can extend the facilities’ useful life; that is not only to protect the employer’s profits but also to protect my rights. Thus, when I use the machine to print or copy some documents, I will be carefully and gently. Also, I will timely clean the area where I work, and try to avoid eating any food or snack that have a strong smell in the workplace. Maintaining a clean working environment is also can help me to build a positive relationship with my
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