Phi Sigma Pi Research Paper

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Sydney Isaac is in the spring 2015 Alpha Omicron class of Phi Sigma Pi. Her big is Stanley Edwards, who is in the Alpha Xi class of Phi Sigma Pi, and her little is Aungelique Hanna who is in the Alpha Rho class of Phi Sigma Pi. Sydney was born on September 11th, 1995. She was born and grew up in Augusta Georgia where she attended and graduated from Augusta Prep. Sydney is the oldest of two brothers ages nineteen and thirteen and one sister who is ten years old. In her family Sydney admires her Father the mot because he has every characteristic she hopes to find in a husband, he is her best friend and she is able to tell him everything. Sydney is most inspired by her sister because although she has cerebral palsy she does not let it define who…show more content…
His big is Megan Wright who is in the Alpha Omicron Class of Phi Sigma Pi, his little is Glory Agbeyomi who is in the Alpha Rho Class of Phi Sigma Pi, and his grand little is Shannon Bishop who is in the Alpha Sigma initiate class of Phi Sigma Pi. Kyle was born on May 13th, 1996 in Cambria Heights, Queens, New York. Kyle then Moved and Grew up in Snellville, Georgia where he attended and graduated Shiloh High School. Kyle attended college because his Father instilled in him that he will goand he had no choice. Here at Georgia Southern Kyle is the president of his Kappa chapter, Community Assistant, Southern Leader, Econ Club and Phi Sigma Pi. Through his time being in Phi Sigma Pi Kyle has learned time management and Success is based on who you spend most of your time around. His most enjoyable part of being in Phi Sigma Pi is being around other people, and utilizing fellowship and scholarship. Kyle is pursuing a degree in Journalism. He first wanted to write for sports but then found a passion to write for politics, because he wants to make a change for the millennials. After College, Kyle plans to go out the country for two months, have freedom to write, and create a
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