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1. In the paternalistic model of doctor-patient relationship, power resident exclusively with Doctors; in the engineering model, it resides entirely with Patients. 2. In the engineering model of doctor-patient relationship, the doctor’s job is to provide technical information. 3. Among the advantages of the collegial model of doctor-patient relationship are the following: a. Share decision making. b. Trust of the relationship. 4. There are three kinds of incompetent patients: a. Patients who are used to be competent are not longer competent, but they expressed their wishes before becoming incompetent. b. Patients who are used to be competent are not longer competent did not express their wishes, but their values/ principles/…show more content…
Disclosure and comprehension of relevant information b. Patient’s competence c. Patient Agreement with the treatment plan 13. For Edmund Pellegrino, it is necessary for doctors to practice virtue for the following: a. credibility b. it is necessary in certain circumstance weather there are no rules or rules do not apply or provide little guideline. 14. Combined advance directives are the best kind of advanced directives for the following reasons: a. The proxy makes sure the decision by respecting the patient b. More than 2 persons to contribute the wishes. 15. For Pellegrino, even though the obedience to the law is necessary in medical practice, it is not enough for the following reason: It is because the law only protects against the basic human rights. 16. Except in the case of emergency, all patients must sign a consent form before undergoing a surgical procedure. 17. Pellegrino argues for a three-tiered system of obligations incumbent upon physicians. They are in ascending order of ethical sensitivity. a. Obedience to the law. b. Observance of rights. c. Practice of virtue. 18. It may be ethical to breach patient confidentiality under the following circumstances: a. Patients are danger to themselves. b. Patients harm to another person. Patient’s sexual partner child abuse elder abuse. 19. According to the utilitarians, the beneficial consequences of maintaining patient confidentiality include the following:

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