Phil Collen And The Left Of The Band Members Essay

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Phil Collen and the rest of the band members had first-hand visualizations of how alcohol was slowly taking a toll on their close friend. Clark became an unpredictable and unstable figure, which emotionally affected the band moving forward. Without question Steve Clark was one of the most talented and promising guitarists in the 80s, which was a fact that did not allude Phil Collen. As a result, in 1989: “ Guitarist Phil Collen, along with longtime producer Mutt Lange, bandmates and friends, held an intervention [...] after a doctor warned of the drastic harm Clark was doing to himself (Chris Ford Ultimate Classic Rock). It was a highly emotional and tough experience for everyone involved, especially for Phil Collen after the doctor informed the band of an alarming statistic: “[...] that about 70 percent of alcoholics who get to this level usually end up getting killed either by accident or overuse” (Chris Ford Ultimate Classic Rock). The unintentional foreshadowing was a result of Clark’s unwillingness and stubbornness to get sober; however, he saw how much love and care he was receiving from those closest to him. Consequently, Clark was given a leave of absence from the band; however, was assured his place in the band was waiting for him once his health improved. Eventually, Clark checked into a rehab clinic in Tuscon, Arizona: where he met his future wife and recovering heroin addict Janie Dean. The two build a strong foundation of trust and communication due to their
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