Phil From The Clinic : Dr. Phil Essay

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Phil came into the clinic because his wife had requested him to receive some professional help. While he was at the clinic, the meeting did not last long. He was there for about an hour and I was able to determine some psychological disorders that Phil may be suffering from. Phil was asked to come back in for follow-up sessions which he will be asked more questions and complete assessments that are the appropriate diagnosis of Phil. As Phil comes back in for a follow-up session. Phil will begin with a semi-structured clinical interview. In this semi-structured interview, it is important to ask Phil about “rage benders” that he had mentioned. Asking him about this could follow up with him being depressed and not fine, as he had mentioned before can change a diagnosis. When Phil was asking about the following meeting about his days after the “rage benders” Phil said that he was not fine. He said that he experienced depression after these certain periods. It is important to ask Phil how long these “rage benders” last. Phil had stated they last about one to two weeks. The use of personality and IQ test are not going to be beneficial to help diagnose Phil. The mental status exam is not necessary as well because Phil is aware and able to talk and understand what is going on. A neuropsychological, neuroimaging, psychophysiological assessments would be no use to diagnose Phil. The projective test would not contribute in a diagnosis in Phil’s case either. Diagnoses • Alcohol use
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