Philadelphia Schools Budget Crisis : Philadelphia School Program

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Philadelphia Schools Budget Crisis Philadelphia also known as the city of “Brotherly Love” has turned from being about love and the community to being just all about money and tourist attraction. There are many homeless people still on the streets, there are people unemployed, jobs don’t want to hire people unless they have experience working in other jobs, schools shutting down left and right, extra curriculums are getting cut, but city officials are worrying about building new monuments, malls and building more parking lots. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with wanting to bring in more attraction however, they need to focus on a much bigger issue. And what exactly is the bigger issue? Well the bigger issue is in fact the Pennsylvania educational system, in which I believe has the worst educational system in the country.
The Philadelphia School District has students suffering because they have to get put into new schools with different uniforms and different teachers. Getting put into schools that are already overcrowded with students and going to a school that doesn’t have the same curriculums as their old school. Not only does the students suffer, but the teachers and staffs suffer too. They are either laid off or have to teach a different subject. I wonder why would they make teachers teach a subject to students that they never studied for? For instance, in high school, I had an algebra teacher teaching American history and he would just basically hand out…
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