Philadelphia Will Be Extremely Beneficial

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Archdiocese of Philadelphia will be extremely beneficial to the proposed changes to Archbishop Wood and will only take place with the help of the diocese.
Stakeholder Internal/External Impact Measure
Teachers Internal High
Students Internal High
Administration Internal Moderate
Parents External High
Archdiocese of Philadelphia External Moderate

8 Risk Assessment and Analysis As with any form of change, there are always risks involved that need to be addressed. With the proposed changes to the curriculum, class structure, and policies of the school, there are several risks, but the payoff greatly outweighs the risks. There are two major risks involved with the changes proposed to the curriculum. The cause for concern is the ability of both the students and the teachers to adapt to the changes to the curriculum. Veteran teachers are reluctant to change since many of them have been teaching using the same methods and the same materials for years. The issue will be getting these veteran teachers on board with the new adjustments to the curriculum by changing their teaching methods and creating new materials. If teachers fail to make the necessary adjustments, then the new plans will fall apart and the students will suffer educationally as a result. Ultimately in the end, the teachers at Archbishop Wood High School would be able to make the adjustments in due time. Many of the students at Archbishop Wood High School are used to classes structured using lecture and note…
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