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Group paper assignment on Philip Green
346SAM Exploring Entrepreneurship

Group Members: Adriana Costescu, Devika Srivastava, Kosusol Choudhury, Mohsin Araf Word Count: 3220
Deadline: 13th of March

‘Philip Green is one of the most controversial and colourful businessmen in Britain. A little over a decade ago he was a tag – trader, a mere millionaire and barely known. Today he is worth over £4.5 billion and is estimated to be Britain’s fifth richest person.’ (Lansley and Forrester, 2005) In this group essay, we will discuss how Philip Green became such a successful entrepreneur by analysing four themes. These themes will include the characteristics of the man himself as well
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Kate Phelan, who is a creative director of the Topshop brand recalled of the moment during the run up of a store opening in Las Vegas where he visited. Quoted in an online BBC article she said ‘He walked into the store and was picking up the rails and moving them around and saying 'I want this here ' and 'we need more dresses up front ' - physically pulling the rails and the stock around. It shows incredible passion and an incredible astuteness - and he was right.’

Philip Green became a successful entrepreneur as he started with a dream to make money from an early age. He acted on his dream by taking small steps in order to achieve his ultimate goal. Every step Green took, he got closer to attaining his ultimate dream of earning lots of money. Every step he took in order to achieve his dream went well. Unfortunately, nothing worth fighting for is going to be easy to get. In 2004, Philip Green made three attempts to take over Marks & Spencer but was rejected on all three occasions. At the time chief executive of Marks and Spencer and his rival Sir Stuart Rose, was impressed by Philip Green. Quoted in an online BBC article: ‘Philip is not only a first-class retailer, he is absolutely pre-eminent in his generation in terms of his financial nous and ability.’
Only a successful entrepreneur like Philip Green could only make it past difficult times by being

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