Philippi: A City of Immeasurable Significance

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Philippi: A City of Immeasurable Significance Philippi is a city rich in ancient history, and is possibly the most important archeological site of the great plain of eastern Macedonia.? The ancient town has seen the fate of the West played out within its borders on several occasions and majestic ruins left from the town?s extraordinary history testify to the great civilizations that have inhabited the region.? Philippi is most famous for two reasons: it was the scene of one of the most decisive battles in history, and it was the first European city to accept Christianity (Willett). Located in the Northeast crescent of Greece, Philippi sits about nine miles north of the shore in the province of Macedonia, and lies within the…show more content…
The rest of the Republican forces capitulated, and Philippi came under the yoke of the Romans in October of 42 B.C.? Although Rome?s destiny was sealed by the victory of Octavian (who regained control of his forces) and Mark Antony over the Republicans Brutus and Cassius, the stage was set for the inevitable conflict between these two winners.? The battle for ultimate control dragged on for eleven years and ended with Antony?s defeat at Actium.? Continuing the trend, he committed suicide in Egypt, leaving Octavian (later Augustus) as the undisputed ruler of Rome (Willett). Afterward, war veterans settled in the region and it received the status of a Roman colony, meaning that henceforth, its inhabitants enjoyed the same rights as Roman citizens in Italy.? Those rights included immunity from taxation, the right to own and sell property, and the right of civil action.? At the same time, Latin became the official language.? Because of Philippi?s fortunate position on the Via Egnatia trade route, the city enjoyed considerable prosperity that peaked in second century A.D. (Neosguide). Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles The city of Neopolis (modern Kavᬡ), the port closest to Philippi, was the European landing point for travelers from the Orient.? It was here that St. Paul landed in 49 A.D. to embark on his mission of converting the

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