Philippians 2 : 2-11 Summary

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The objective of this paper is to achieve a thorough exegetical analysis of Philippians 2:2-11. To accomplish this objective, the basic contents of this passage will be examined. Furthermore, all relevant issues from this passage will be examined as well. This passage will be made clear in its context so that the content will fit into the overall meaning of the passage. More importantly, a verse by verse analysis of the passage will be given to understand the author’s thoughts. As with any interpretation of a passage of Scripture, the proper interpretation of Philippians 2:2-11is relied on accurate examination of its context. Paul wrote this letter to the Philippians to thank them for the gift, in which was sent to him by Epaphroditus while in prison. Although most scholars have argued that the current Epistle to the Philippians was basically several separate letters, based on different tones throughout the chapters, in 2:2 it clearly associates the first chapter of the Philippians with the second. The direct context of Philippians 2:2-11 is the sermon to unity found in Philippians 1:27-30. With this, we see Paul urging the Philippians to essentially live as citizens who are worthy of the gospel. He then continued this theme into chapter two where he continued to advise the Philippians to humility. Beginning with the analysis of the verses, as noted in the previous paragraph, this passage is based off of different tones throughout the passage. In Philippians 2:2, the
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