Philippine Basic Education Curriculum

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What is Basic Education Curriculum?
Basic Education Curriculum (BEC), this is a form of tool which will stand as one point of learning areas as adequate for the development of competencies starting from Basic education up to the second level of which is renounced as High School. This will focus more on developing knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes through the guidance of educationalist assigned. As for 2015, wide grounding has been made for the Philippine Education For All which is known as EFA.
Why Do We Need a Curriculum?
A curriculum guides the instructional lessons that teachers use. A curriculum defines what the learner will learn and can possibly guide when the learner learns the
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5, 2002), cited several reasons why the basic education curriculum should be restructured
The Four Pillars of Education in Jacques Delors’ Report to UNESCO (1996,pp. 22-24) was one of the documents that influenced the restructuring of the curriculum. The third and fourth pillars, Learning to Live Together and Learning to Be, which emphasize using the knowledge gained to improve oneself and one’s relationship with fellow human beings, are especially relevant.
The emphasis on learning-to-learn skills has long been a feature of the curriculum.
To further decongest the curriculum and to provide more contact time for the tool subjects, the restructured curriculum emphasizes the enhanced teaching of the four (4) core subjects Filipino, English, Mathematics and Science. A fifth subject called Makabayan, which is envisioned to be a “laboratory of life” or practice environment, integrated the other non-tool subjects.

The Features of the BEC
Greater Emphasis on helping every learner become a successful reader.
Emphasis on interactive/collaborative learning approaches
Emphasis on the use of integrative learning approaches.
Teaching of values in all learning areas.
Development of self-reliant and patriotic citizens
Development of creative and critical thinking skills.
The Structure of the 2002 Basic Education Curriculum
The objectives of elementary and secondary education serve as the “official learning goals” of basic education as stated for a particular population
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