Philippine Constitution

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It is the systematic study of the state & government
The word political came from the Greek word
“polis” meaning city equivalent to a sovereign state
It is the basic knowledge & understanding of the state & the principles & ideas which underlie its organization & activities

It is primarily concerned with the association of human beings in a body politic or a political community

Fields of political science:
1. Political Theory
2. Public Law
3. Government
4. Comparative Government
5. International Relations
6. Public Administration
7. Public Policy
8. Political Dynamics
9. Government & Business
10. Legislature Geopolitics

Values & Uses of Political Science:
1. Awareness of the importance
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De Facto government

The Government of the Philippines in Transition

I. Pre-Spanish Government:
1. Unit of government:
Barangay – settlements or villages with more or less 100 families
2. Datu – chief of the Barangay, also called rajah, sultan or datu assisted by the council of Elders (Maginoos )
3. Social classes: a. Nobility b. Freeman c. Serfs d. Slaves
4. Early laws: promulgated by the datus Laws were generally fair II. Government during the Spanish Period:
1. Spanish colonial administration:
1565 to 1821 – Philippines directly governed by the King of Spain through Mexico
1821 to 1898 directly ruled by Spain
Council of the Indies responsible for the administration, then the Council of Ministers & the Ministry of Ultramar
3. Government was unitary, centralized in structure, national in scope
Barangays consolidated into towns (pueblos) headed by a gobernadorcillo
Towns consolidated into provinces headed be the governor, the representative of the Governor-General
Cities governed under special charters each with city councils or ayuntamiento
4. The governor-general/captain general or vice royal patron: exercise executive, legislative & judicial powers. As vice royal patron exercised certain religious powers
5. The Judiciary: The Royal Audiencia was the Supreme
Courts of First Instance were also established
There were special courts like the military,
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