Philippine Environment Code

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Presidential Decree No. 1152

• Enacted on June 6, 1977 in the City of Manila by President Ferdinand E. Marcos • The Philippine Environmental Code is a body of laws settling forth management policies and prescribing quality standards for the environment in its totality. • Provided a comprehensive program of environmental protection and management. The Code established specific environment management policies and prescribes environmental quality standards.

The purposes of this Title are: a. to achieve and maintain such levels of air quality as to protect public health; and b. to prevent to the greatest extent practicable, injury and/or damage to plant and animal life and
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classification of Philippine waters; b. establishment of water quality standards; c. protection and improvement of the quality of Philippine water resources; and d. responsibilities for surveillance and mitigation of pollution incidents.

Classification of Philippine Waters • The National Pollution Control Commission, in coordination with appropriate government agencies, shall classify Philippine waters, according to their best usage. In classifying said waters, the National Pollution Control Commission shall take into account, among others, the following: a. the existing quality of the body of water at the time of classification; b. the size, depth, surface area covered, volume, direction, rate of flow, gradient of stream; and c. the most beneficial uses of said bodies of water and lands bordering them for residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, navigational, recreational, and aesthetic purposes.

Water Quality Standards • The National Pollution Control Commission shall prescribe quality and effluent standards consistent with the guidelines set by the National Environmental Protection Council and the classification of waters prescribed in the preceding sections, taking into consideration, among others, the following: a. the standard of water quality or purity may vary according to
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