Philippine Revolt Against Spain

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Philippine revolts against Spain During the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines, there were several revolts against of the Spanish colonial government by native-born Filipinos and Chinese, often with the goal of re-establishing the rights and powers that had traditionally belonged to tribal chiefs and Chinese traders. Most of these revolts failed because the majority of the native population sided up with the Spanish colonial government and fought with the Spanish to put down the revolts. The most important of those revolts led to the expulsion of a number of Chinese from the Philippines, but they were later allowed to return. * 1 16th century * 1.1 Dayami Revolt (1567) * 1.2 Lakandula and Sulayman Revolt (1574)…show more content…
Ilocanos, Ibanags and other Filipinos revolted against alleged abuses by tax collectors, including the collection of unjust taxes. It began when six tax collectors who had arrived from Vigan were killed. Governor-General Santiago de Vera sent Spanish and Filipino colonial troops to pacify the rebels. The rebels were eventually pardoned and the Philippine tax system reformed.[3][4] Magalat Revolt (1596) The Magalat Revolt was an uprising in 1596, led by Magalat, a Filipino rebel from Cagayan. He had been arrested in Manila for inciting rebellion against the Spanish. He was later released after some urging by some Dominican priests, and returned to Cagayan. Together with his brother, he urged the entire country to revolt. He was said to have committed atrocities against his fellow natives for refusing to rise up against the Spaniards. He soon controlled the countryside, and the Spanish eventually found themselves besieged. The Spanish Governor-General Francisco de Tello de Guzmán sent Pedro de Chaves from Manila with Spanish and Filipino colonial troops. They fought successfully against the rebels, and captured and executed several leaders under Magalat. Magalat himself was assassinated within his fortified headquarters by his own men.[5] 17th century Igorot Revolt (1601) By order of then Governor-General Francisco de Tello de Guzmán an expedition was sent to the Cordillera region

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