Philip's Improvement to Job Analysis and Design

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Introduction Job analysis and design has attracted more attention of organizations, since poor job analysis and design result in poor job performances of employees and organizational performances. This essay is based on Philips’ changes in its workplace design in a factory. In the past, the factor’s old operation line had generated poor employee and organizational performance such as low morale of employees, high rate of turnover, and poor quality control. While redesign its operation line, Philips has gained a high productive workforce, such as building self-management teams, enriching employee’s spirit life. This essay is based on Philips’ successful experience in work redesign. The author has been appointed as a human resource director a factory in Manila. In order to increase the productivity of his factory, the author determined to learn from Philips’ experiences. In the essay, it will firstly analyze the old operation line’s problems, including poor job analysis and design, ignoring employees’ needs with poor working conditions, and low workplace morale. As for the problem, the essay will present relevant suggestions for each of the three problems, including improving job design with considering employees’ voice, improving working conditions and motivating them, and Building healthy organizational culture. Poor Job Analysis and Design The old production lines resulted in many problems such as inadequate quality control, poor labor relationship and unsettled
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