Phillip Morrison: Marketing Case Study

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Marketing case study

Phillip Morrison is one of the largest corporations in the United States, and an epitome of business success. The company nevertheless sells tobacco products, which are harmful for the health of the people. This dimension of their business operations increases the complexity of attaining success for the company, in the meaning that the organization has to employ powerful marketing tools to promote its products.
The previous pages have revealed analyses of the company and the environment in which it operates, including forces such as the customers or the competition. At this level then, it is important to review the findings of the analyses and devise customized recommendations at the levels of the target market, brand positioning and competition.
In terms of the target market, this strategy is influenced by the changes in consumers' behaviors and the general social environment, such as increasing emphasis on health or the changing socio-economic conditions of consumers in developing regions. Based on these traits, the target market strategy recommended is characterized by the following:
The targeting of adults only, who are able to generate their own income and will not be spending their parents' money to be buying cigarettes. Also, this criterion of the target market is necessary to ensure that the targeted customers are mature individuals who can make their own decisions about smoking, rather than impressionable adolescents. This targeting
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