Phillis Wheatley And Sing America Analysis

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Nunes, R. & Vieira, A. (2008). Black poetry: analyzing and comparing Phillis Wheatley and Langston Hughes. Palpitar: Literatura e Cultura,1, 1-7.

This article seeks to analyze two works of black poetry, On Being Brought from Africa to America by Phillis Wheatley and I, too, Sing America by Langston Hughes. Nunes & Vieira (2008) aim to show that society's perspective of black people has not changed over the years even though the two poets had 150 years a gap. In particular, through two selected poems, they establish that though the tones might have changed, the themes still remained the same. Simultaneously, it gives details about their lives, the structure of society at the time they lived in, and the influence it had over their gifted talents.
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