Philo And Demea Dialogue

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The dialogue begins with Philo and Demea speaking about what attracts people to religion. Philo says, that the only method for bringing everyone to a sense of religion is by just representations of the misery and wickedness of men. Philo also believes that it is the imagery of this misery and wickedness surrounding mankind that draws them even closer to religion than that of reasoning and argument. Demea adds, that the miseries of life, the unhappiness of man, the general corruptions of our nature, the unsatisfactory enjoyment of pleasures, riches, honors these phrases have become well known and notorious to all. These are what all men declare from their own immediate felling and experience. Philo and Demea then transfer this discussion to…show more content…
He proposes that nothing terminates our misery but the removal of its cause or another event which is the sole cure of all evil, from our natural folly, we regard with still greater horror and consternation. Philo then makes a powerful statement saying, “no method of fixing a just foundation for religion unless we allow the happiness of human life, and maintain a continued existence even in this world, with all our present pains, infirmities, vexations and follies to be eligible and desirable.” This presence of evil is not what would be expected from a God who possesses an infinite power, infinite wisdom and infinite goodness. Philo then asks why is there any misery at all in the world if these qualities are true about God? Philo then begins to propose a metaphor in order to better explain to the others his ideas on the discussion. Philo says that a person lives in a house or a palace. The conditions in this house are very poor, the structure has poor light, small spaces and loud noises among other problems. The resident, wanting to fix some things contacts the architect. The architect however, warns the resident against making improvements or
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