Philophobia And Relationships

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Philophobia and Relationships Philophobia: the fear of falling in love or emotional attachment. For most, beginning a new romantic relationship can be thrilling. Sincere love for a new lustrous partner one can see living their happily ever after with. On the same token, others feeling that a beginning of a relationship can be a vigorous nightmare, leading to terrible heartbreak or hurt. Like previously explained, new relationships are exciting, but there are many reasons supporting why people are afraid to begin some sort of romantic relationship with a significant other. It all begins from past experience. Therefore, starting a new relationship can bring back the haunting memories of an old one, whether that be a relationship with a parent,…show more content…
People in a person’s past play a major role in how it affects the beginnings of new relationships. For some, this impact could be beneficial in starting new relationships and help them grow. However, there are people in one’s past whom are responsible for damaging any new relationships and keeping that person from growing. As said in a journal by Dr. Lisa Firestone; “Starting a new relationship can stir up past hurt”. For example, towards the beginning of a new relationship one may drift away from their new partner, possibly from remembering how they were impacted as a child from either a parent or sibling in a similar situation. Another impact one can feel is from a previous ex-lover, which can be another cause of previous relationships ruining new ones. As represented by Dr. Pat Love, from PsychLive: “When you long for something like love, it becomes associated with pain”. Briefly stating that in a new relationship old lovers can make a major impact. This can be shown when one ends a new relationship for the reason that they do not want their new lover to hurt them with another heartbreak. Therefore, a major cause of philophobia is the possibility of having stable relationships with always worrying about being damaged by another unstable…show more content…
In simpler terms, one may have the fear that one day their new lover may end up leaving them. As every relationship grows, the bond between the two people grows, as well. This makes it harder for them to drift apart. However, in simplest terms, everyone eventually dies. Therefore, in the end, one partner will eventually be alone after their significant other has passed on. Along with the fear of death, there is the fear that a new partner may eventually leave. This can be shown in a real life example from an interview with my grandmother’s ex-husband, who left her and her three kids nearly thirty years ago. Even though she will not admit that it still affects her, I’ve personally seen that it does. As for my grandmother, this example of abandonment from her ex-husband has a substantial impact on why she has no desire in starting a new relationship since she has the fear that abandonment could occur once again. Therefore, existential fears such as the death of a partner or the possibility of abandonment, play a major role and can cause
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