Philosophical Analysis : ' The Consciousness Mind '

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Kayla Southworth
Professor Rondel
PHIL 101-1001
December 2, 2015
Chalmers immaterial conscious Consciousness for many years has been a debatable topic between people, where some take the materialist approach while others take the dualist approach. Metaphysical materialism is the view that there is no such thing as spooky substances only matter. This type of view goes on to say that phenomenon’s such as the conscious is just byproducts of material substances interacting with one another. Materialist’s views for a long time were hard to rebuke. However, in 1996 David Chalmers wrote The consciousness mind, which does rebuke materialism’s very view. In his piece, he has people imagine a world exactly like the one conscious human beings
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Consciousness being immaterial is an successful argument made by Chalmers as he presents it in his piece in the form of an zombie that is identical to an human being. He, however, presents the zombie as an individual that does not contain an conscious, but can do everything an conscious person can do without having the ability to make it an experience. This occurs in his piece when he states “…my zombie twin. He is molecule for molecule identical to me…he will be awake, able to report contents of his internal states… Its just that none of this functioning will be accompanied by any real conscious experiment” (Rondel’s notes). In stating this quote, Chalmers makes the point consciousness is immaterial by making the zombie atom to atom identical to him making the zombie material, but the only difference between the two is that the zombie cannot experience. This makes Chalmers argument of consciousness being immaterial successful as it fulfills the criteria of materialism by having the zombie resemble him, but also tests materialism by having them imagine the zombie not having an conscious. However, materialists may look at Chalmers piece then argue that the scenario doesn’t make sense and that the zombie should in fact contain an conscious. They would make this argument because if the zombie was atom for atom identical to an human being, the zombie should have a
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