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Descartes philosophical arguments
Rene Descartes a French scientist, writer, mathematician, and philosopher came up with many different schools of thought that have been the focus of many other thinkers to date. He has made great contributions in the world of philosophy by leading people to reject any notion that proves to be doubtful. Descartes gave arguments which included the idea of God and his existence, metaphysics, the perception that nothing is certain among others. This essay will keenly review the arguments given by Descartes regarding the philosophies mentioned above, state whether they are good or bad, and why.
God’s Existence
From Descartes’ meditation concerning God’s existence, he starts by trying to understand himself as well as his nature. Descartes describes himself as a thing that can think, doubt, affirm, deny, refuse, imagine and even sense (Cronk 288). Moreover, Descartes says that even though his imaginations may not exist in the real world, the mental perceptions and images exist in him. On the other hand, Descartes believes that there are ideas that are caused by things other than him. For instance, he gives an example that when sitting near a fire he feels heat whether he wants to or not; thus, this idea comes from the fire which is external to him.
In the first argument of God’s existences, Descartes asks himself whether the idea of God may have been caused by something else other than him. The more he thinks about the features that

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