Philosophical Quotes About Ojukwu

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• “I’m the only man in Africa who can say whatever he likes to say within the ambit of the law and get away with it.” (Ojukwu’s Diaries)
• “War is not fought by saints. If you get caught up in Mother Teresa’s exultations, you’ve never achieved your objectives.”
• “I saw the Biafran war as an indispensable consequence of the bestiality, brutality and Northern hatred for the Igbos…I saw the decision to break away as a surgical necessity for my race” (Ojukwu’s Diaries)
• “Do we have too many nymphomaniacs in our nation or are we simply too brain-dead to understand the consequences of the national addiction to prostitution, or are we truly suffering from a condition called ‘Multiple Infact Dementia’? Then you need to go to school for scoundrels.”
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At his death, I had the singular honor of proposing for him this Epitaph that has endured the test of time: He was the best President that Nigeria ever had.” (Ojukwu’s Diaries)

General Ojukwu had thousands of memorable and philosophical quotes that were not accessible to the public. Many of them were buried in the General’s archives and Diaries of the Yester-Years-War.

• “The late General Aguiyi Ironsi, an Igbo who single-handedly dismantled the coup in Lagos, while my humble self, another Igbo maneuvered the coup immobile in the North. What a contradiction of opposites. (Gen Ojukwu’s
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It’s those who hae not been involved in a war that will always push war as the first solution to all problems. War does not solve, it lowers, but the problem remains.” (Archives/Diaries of Ojukwu)
• “All of Nigeria today there is Biafra but that Biafra is the Biafra of the Nigerians and not the Biafra of the Igbos; It is the Biafra of the mind, not the Biafra of the fields.” (Gen Ojukwu’s Archives)
• “The Civil War was a stage. Some might say it’s an unnecessary stage and others may say it’s inevitable stage in our march to nationhood. But was any lesson learned? Whichever way, it was a stage and a mile post in our agglomerate development. We can not wish it away. We must forever take it into consideration whenever the subject in Nigeria.” (The General’s Archives)
• “Empower the youths through high education and let them solve their problems. Federal government may not do it alone. The Private Sector is well equipped to do it better.”
• “Politicians word-wide are compulsive shoppers They keep charging expensive luxurious goods and gifts on credit cards or cash with no end in sight. They just take care of their own. But one would observe that they seem to be suffering from Adonis Complex.” (Gen. Ojukwu

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