Philosophical Reflection on Human

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Personal Philosophical Reflection on the Human Person Human beings are beings that motion through life in search for a purpose; beings that are in continuous search for the grand truth –the truth that will answer questions such as “Why do we choose to exist, if the alternative which is non-existence seems to be much less of a hassle?” In our search for truth, one of the most common concept tackled is the concept of death. Since all human beings will cease to exist at one point in time, it would seem absurd to try to achieve so much just to render them useless upon our death in this material world. For if we believe that after our death in the material world there will be nothing more, even the argument that we live for the people around…show more content…
This is because I cling to my belief that the only reason for human beings to continue to choose life over death is the hope that there is a continuance of life even after the death in the material world. When I say that the soul and body are not separate, I say this with regard to their operations, because the soul and body are not merely separate entities that help each other in their respective operations but are rather essential partners that need to be together in order to carry out their operations in the first place. Therefore, I believe that the nature of the soul is to be with the body and the body to be with the soul. If their nature then is to be with each other, it follows that it would be against their nature to be separated from each other and more over to be separated for eternity. And this separation, I believe is precisely what death of the human person brings. Following Aristotle’s stand on the nature of things, that “nothing against its nature can exist forever” (Aristotle), it would then be only detrimental for the body if it will be eternally separated from the soul –which may explain the reason why that while the body continues to function shortly after death, it does not continue to function for long. At the same time it is also detrimental for the soul if it is eternally separated from the body.
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