Philosophical Understanding and a New View

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Philosophical understanding

Philosophy is the study of legitimacy, existence, and the manner in which things exist. Philosophy incorporates an immense range of topics and every person, place, thing, and idea has its roots implanted in it. Everybody has their own beliefs in life whether it’s from religion, morals, or in essence everything in general. Philosophers try to answer the unknown questions in life that everyone is wanting to examine and have the answers to. I never even thought twice about the world we live in, I thought that it was just life and that’s all to it; we live and we die. Throughout the semester I have learned many different views of the world by diverse philosophers. Many I agreed with, many I did not but
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The new born baby would be able to hear the noise of the people in the hospital room, feel the arms around him, see the smiling faces, smell and taste the placenta he has been resting in for so long. The baby without senses would not even know it exists without having senses to understand his surroundings. Epistemology is how we gain and acquire knowledge. My empiricist epistemological view point is that nothing in the mind was put there without the help of the senses. Everything we know is based on learning from different people, or on our own. Rule books are not just zapped into our heads about how to do things. Every daily task we have in life goes back in time to the first person who thought of the idea. For example the first person to create a car, they would not have created it if they could not see, walk or talk. The person who created the first car would not know the long hours it takes to walk somewhere far away because they would not be able to feel the pain of soreness the day after. They would have never been able to experiment ways to create machinery that would make everyone’s lives easier someday. I’m sure he did not get it right the first time, but he learned through experience. I believe we learn something new every day through our senses, and we will continue to learn things through our senses. I cannot think of anything that
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