Essay about Philosophical and Practical Approach for Balancing Issues

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Philosophical and Practical Approach for Balancing Issues CRJ- 220 Ethics and Leadership Strayer University Is there a way to balance the protection of individual rights while protecting the public at the same time? There are many arguments to this question due to the grey areas surrounding individual rights and public rights. Many argue that their rights are violated but then complain when the protection of the public is breached. This needs to be a give and take situation and people need to realize that they will have to give up some privacy for the good of all. When people speak of rights do they really understand what they are speaking of? This is a catered society and I feel people think everything should just…show more content…
In fact the government should not be allowed to reveal any information about you, such as with doctor patient confidentiality unless it is of national security or of a certain nature of crime. From a communitarian point of view, giving up some measure of privacy serves the common good. Keeping computerized data on physicians who have had their hospital privileges revoked shadows them long after they paid their dues for the original infractions. Child-care centers can now find out if prospective employees have been convicted of child abuse (Etzioni, A. 1997).” People need to realize you must give a little for the common good. In the criminal justice system criminal offenders are punished, the purpose of punishment is deterrence and retribution. The punishment is mostly incapacitation but can include monetary fines and community service. Rewards are a hard thing to fathom in the criminal justice system. The offender committed a crime, why should they be rewarded? But I look at it another way, some offenders commit repetitive crimes, while others have learned from their mistakes and need help getting their lives back together. These are the offenders that need rehabilitation, job training, and want our help. I do not think of this as a reward but as a stepping stone to becoming a better citizen, so I do not agree in calling it a reward. “An intervention tested by CJ-DATS researchers, called “Step’n Out,” used a contingency
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