Philosophies Of Sister Carrie By Theodore Dreiser

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Austin Ricco
Professor Sloan
American Realism
11/20/16 Philosophies of Sister Carrie

There are few writers that could create a body of work that encompasses as many concepts as Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie. His novel follows the life and times of Carrie, a ‘country bell’ of sorts who abandons her way of life in favor of a city lifestyle. Through through Carries progress, Dreiser embodies many philosophies of intelligence, experience, and personal growth. Many great philosophers have touched subjects that are apparent in Dreiser’s work. Sister Carrie epitomizes many ideas defined by great thinkers such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Lev S. Vygotsky, and Aristotle.
Eleanor Roosevelt once said that “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Dreiser clearly hoped to convey a similar message in this novel. At the beginning of Carrie 's journey she converses with a man named Chas. H. Drouet "And so this is your first visit to Chicago," he observed.
All the time she was conscious of certain features out of the side of her eye. Flush, colorful cheeks, a light mustache, a gray fedora hat. She now turned and looked upon him in full, the instincts of self-protection and coquetry mingling confusedly in her brain.
"I didn 't say that," she said.
"Oh," he answered in a very pleasing way and with an assumed air of mistake. "I thought you did."

It becomes very apparent that Carrie involves herself in people; however we get a sense of her
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