Philosophy And Philosophy Of Teaching

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Philosophy of Teaching By: Tambra Reynolds Every August, a group of second graders enter my classroom. I teach them how to read and write, tie their shoes, and by June, make sure they are prepared for third grade. In the middle of last school year, I received a new student. She was a beautiful, bubbly little girl. I soon learned she was terminally ill and one of her last wishes was to return to school. I was incredibly humbled her parents were entrusting their daughter into my care and sharing her with me during what would be her last days. In those months to follow, I learned how fragile life could be. For Avery*, there was no next year; and the biggest days of her life were playing out right in front of me. I slowed things down and didn’t push quite so hard. I gave an extra 15 minutes for recess, just because the weather was nice and the sky was pretty. I would sit on the rug and read three stories in a row until my voice gave out, because the children were loving the performance. I knew it was my job to be joyful. Children aren’t supposed to die. We all know and believe this truism. But the reality is, sometimes children do die. Avery’s* passing profoundly impacted not only my entire class, but me as an educator. Her passing taught me that every moment matters. Whether a child has one year left in life, or many, the memories they make now will impact their future. This year, when I walked into my classroom on the first day of school, I could see her
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