Philosophy And Strategy : Big Picture

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Philosophy & Strategy Big Picture There is three main areas I could see God working. The first is through partnering with the parachurch organizations to help improve their system as well as reinforce what they are doing in the schools. The second is to see a larger passion for the Gospel within the students through teaching on the importance of time alone with God. Finally seeing the students become bold in their faith and help change the direction of their high school. The first area is to partner with the parachurch organizations within the schools and start learning from and helping improve the systems already in place. There are already a large amount of Christian organizations within the schools in the area which makes my job a lot easier in some regards, and helps me find a way to get plugged into the school. Through partnering with the organizations I would be able to connect with students on their ground rather than in a church. This will help build relationships and will help bring a face to the name of the ministry. The Second area is to help assist in growing the passion for the Gospel within students through teaching on the importance of time alone with God. Spending time with God every day is vital in a disciple’s life and will ultimately help direct where they are headed in their relationship with God. By training students in the ministry to take time out of their morning to spend with God will help prepare them to face the battles of school and help
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