Philosophy, By James, And Stuart Rachels

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Previous to starting this course I had given philosophy little thought. Yes I did often ponder the questions that I have now explored in the text “Problems from Philosophy”, by James, and Stuart Rachels. However it was not until reading the text became mandatory, and I was prompted to think more deeply about these questions, that my mind began to open. I had not had any previous experience with philosophy is my past academic career. Although I did faintly know that philosophy was about asking the “big questions” of life. That alone made me very uncomfortable, and overall reluctant. Still Philosophy is a mandatory core class, so I signed up and prepared myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. I had heard of Socrates before in high school, and knew that he was considered by many to be a very important person. Although I did not know just how important he really was to philosophy. Previously I was very reluctant to think about problems such as life after death. Once again I found thinking about these things to be a very uncomfortable experience. Once I started reading the text however I found myself intrigued. I did find Socrates’s idea that his soul would simply separate from his body after death, to be quite silly. Even so who am I to say his theory was silly? I’d like to think there is a heaven, and that we go into a deep sleep waiting for the end of days to, hopefully, go to heaven. Then again this is simply what I have been taught to think with Christianity. I do not
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