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In today’s world the school plays an increasingly important role in the lives of students. To some it is a place to learn; others--a place to socialize or perhaps where one can get away from the stresses of home for a period of time. To this writer, school is a bridge that spans from early childhood to adult life. It provides the means by which students are afforded the opportunity to acquire knowledge, form relationships and mature. As a future educator, it is my goal to provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere in which these ideals can materialize. Students should not feel that school is a prison in which they must sit all day long, being bored and uninterested. As a teacher, I will strive to present a
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Once a teacher realizes the interests and aptitudes of a student, she should encourage her to pursue them while continuing to stress the importance of basic subjects such as reading, writing, and math. I believe this scenario forms a solid foundation for a well-rounded person.

The world we live in today is relative--knowledge is ever growing, changing, and expanding. What we accept as truth today may be proven wrong tomorrow. An example of this would be the correct grammar used when addressing someone or writing a report. The grammar used today, although similar, is different from what was used 150 years ago. Knowledge varies from person to person and culture to culture. These are reasons that I believe knowledge is relative. Educators, scientists, explorers and inventors, as well as curious students are constantly discovering new ideas and information to be added to textbooks and update curriculum.

The purpose of education is to help students master basic subjects and explore areas of interest. By educating students, we provide them useful information that helps them make future career choices. A child who enjoys science projects may decide to be a laboratory researcher, a student interested in the drama club may choose the theater or acting as their career. A comprehensive approach to education can provide windows of opportunities for young people who are willing to open them.

When I become a teacher, I want
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