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Survey of Mexican Philosophical Thought

The philosophy of the Mexicans is a production of philosophers from ancestries from Mexico, residing either within or outside the country. The general philosophy surfaced with the introduction of the first school by the Spanish conquerors, with teaching and publications on philosophical treaties. As such, it is critical to deny that these thinkers got education from the European schools, making it quite impossible for Hispanic thinkers to express the sense of racism in their works. In addition, Hispanic-American thought intellectuals rarely produce original profiles because there elements originate from the elements and motifs originally designed
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Credited as one of the first ideas of civilization, including their precisely designed lunar calendar, the Maya considered the world as an ordered home. Maya believed the cosmos to be in cycles, which humans are part of, with the rest of the cosmos continuing with its functioning. The ideology of order was the foundation of the Maya world, stemming from movements of the sun, planets, moon, as well as stars, marking time passage. Even when catastrophes occurred, they held on to their belief that the earth functioned in a logical order. In the astronomical studies, the Mayans could not only give explanations to occurring events, but could also explain the restoration of the order alongside the premonition of change.


The Mayan sincerity was evident not only in the belief of all their gods, but also the various rituals they perform. Such rituals ensured that the Mayans continue to hold together through their religion, which penetrates every part of the Mayan life; and has not shown any signs of rupture. The lunar calendars they designed were a wonder and a miracle of their time philosophy, which considered various aspects of human experiences. These ranged from the biology of human, agricultural cycles, as well as the star and planetary movements. What is more, they endeavored to seek harmony and balance by combining the space with time and the cosmos respectively.
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