Philosophy Has Influenced The Development Of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing Philosophy has influenced the development of nursing. Philosophy of Nursing promotes the application of nursing knowledge and helps develop nursing theory and knowledge. Nursing theories and philosophies of nursing influence each other. Nurses designed Philosophy of nursing to explain the beliefs, role, and interaction with patients. Philosophy is the application of one 's knowledge to different situations that occurs when practicing as a nurse. It changes the identities, belief systems, and practices of nurses. Philosophies and experiences guide nurses in their professional decision making. (Marchuk, 2014). To be able to articulate a personal philosophy of nursing and identify the philosophical influences, nurses must have basic understanding past contribution to the theories and philosophies that have helped shaped nursing today. Knowledge development and different methods have played a huge part in nursing 's history. My personal philosophy aligns with that of Jean Watson Theory of Human Caring in nursing. Nursing is more than treating an illness. Jean Watson mentioned Caring Sciences involved the Humanity, Arts and Sciences. My attitude is one of caring, compassion, and service. I feel extremely satisfied when I care for others and make a difference in their lives. It is interesting to know that Jean Watson Theory of Human Caring in nursing is used by most clinical nurses and academic programs worldwide. Her Caring Theory has made a
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