Philosophy Matrix Metaphysics, Moral, Social, Political Paper

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Philosophy Matrix Metaphysics, Moral, Social, Political Paper Metaphysics, Morals, Social, and the Political philosophy's are four major philosophical areas of inquiry. Learning about the historical development of each school of thought, who the main contributors were, and what the primary issues are in each field. Increases the knowledge and understanding of the culture and its philosophy. Study of Existence Metaphysics is the focus of the nature of existence, reality, and who we are. Metaphysics has new meaning in an age of ever changing and globally interconnectedness. The questions and how we answer them are now first and foremost in whether or not humanity can survive and flourish on this planet in a healthy and civilized…show more content…
It also addresses the dynamics of a group and the ways in which people group together or otherwise act in union (Hughes, 2011). Social Contract According to Hughes, major themes in common are examples of ideas in social philosophy include social contract theory, cultural criticism, and individualism. Individualism often comes up in social philosophy, including questions regarding the separation, or lack thereof, of individual persons from society and each other (Hughes, 2011). Develop and Receive Legitimacy Individuals in the state of nature came together and made agreements out of self-interest. It is these agreements that give legitimacy to government; people are ruled by consent (PPI, 2012). The form described by contractarianism; the contract is hypothetical, as is the consent. Structured Political Systems Lastly, in order that goods might increasingly be secured. The goals of society must be defined; before choosing a route one must choose a destination. The political system best achieves the aims of politics, is most affective in securing it (PPI, 2012). Conclusion Philosophy engages us to ask a multitude of questions about our place in the world. Many of us start questioning as children, but later in life we tend to ignore them. Philosophers, help us address question such as What can we know? What should we do? What may we hope? What makes human beings human?

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