Philosophy Of Classroom Management Essay

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My classroom management philosophy has developed through many years of teaching experience, but through it all I believe all students can learn and grow, even students with special needs. I teach in a classroom designated for slow learners, many of which have cognitive impairments. My students may not learn in the same way as others or as much as other students, but they can learn and should be given that opportunity. I believe in focusing on my students’ gifts and talents, not their disabilities and what they cannot do.
As a self-contained special education teacher, I work with smaller groups of students than general education teachers. I also get to teach my students for multiple years. This allows me to do what I love- build relationships with students based on respect and a want to succeed. I believe it is critical to start building relationships from the first day of school and throughout the entire school year. Building
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Teaching with Love and Logic is based on three rules: 1) use enforceable limits, 2) provide choices with limits, and 3) apply consequences with empathy (Fay & Funk, 1995). I have high expectations for my students academically and behaviorally. I set limits and provide choices for students within those limits, and when students make poor choices and need consequences, I administer those consequences with understanding and empathy, instead of in anger or frustration. The second strategy that is the basis for my classroom management is Capturing Kids’ Hearts. It involves “building meaningful, productive relationships with every student; creating a safe, effective environment for learning; developing self-managing, high-performing classrooms using team-building skills and a social contract; and using high payoff techniques for dealing with conflict, negative behavior, and disrespect issues” (Capturing Kids’ Hearts, 2017, para.
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