Philosophy Of Nursing : Why Nursing

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Joalexis Philosophy of Nursing
Why Nursing? When I graduated high school, I wanted to have a career in the healthcare field, I enrolled at Valencia College to do a major in Chemistry, because I wanted to complete the pre-medicine requirements in order to attend medicine school. While in school I was working at Walmart, it was a decent job. However, my passion to work on the healthcare field, made me put my pre-medicine studies to a standby, and enrolled in an emergency medical technician program. Upon completion of the EMT program, I obtained a Florida EMT license. Later that year, I started working for Florida Hospital Orlando, the second largest hospital in the nation as a psychiatric technician. While I had many family members who are nurses, I never really knew what nurses did in their job setting. Upon witnessing the amazing job nurses did, and how the patient benefitted from such care, I had found what I was searching all along, I found my calling, from that moment desire grew upon me to one day become a registered nurse. In 2013 I enrolled at Keiser University Orlando, and transferred my credit from Valencia College, to start their nursing programs. Once I finished the nursing programs, I obtained my registered nurse license from the state of Florida, and started practicing nursing at Florida Hospital Orlando’s Vascular Thoracic Intensive Care Unit. Upon practicing nursing I comprehend that each patient is different and have different views of life and belief.…

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