Philosophy Of School Counseling

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As a school counselor in practice, my philosophy of the role of the school counselor is that school counselors play a tremendous role in the life of their student and is very important for us, school counselors to be aware of our role in the students’ life. We play a big role in their development of different areas such as personal development, career/academic development, and social development. Therefore, what guide me to this career is that I want to be able to advocate for my students, and to help student succeed not only academically but also mentally, socially and to provide them with the tools that they need to be successful in life. In terms of my approach to counseling the theoretical approach that I see myself using as a…show more content…
So furthermore, the significant early events that I had with my HS counselors have influenced the decision that I had taken of becoming a professional school counselor in order for me to provide students with the support they need as my HS counselors did with me. Also one counseling moment that have educated my teaching philosophy is that one time at my internship site we had one student who is very brilliant and had all the requirements to apply to any college out of state but she decided not to do. At first she said that he didn’t wanted too because he loves NYC and that she doesn’t see herself living on another state, but this was very strange because I had previous one to one sessions with her where she had expresses how she would love to have the opportunity to study whether in upstate or she was even planning on moving to Miami to gain new experiences. While she was giving my site supervisor different types of reason why she wants to stay here in NYC, I decided to be quiet and just to listen to what the student had t say. Later on during our one to one session I asked her why she said all this, when previously she had explained her interest on studying in a different state. The student stated that even though she would like to have the opportunity to study in other State, she doesn’t want to do this because there was a time when she had to go to Mexico because her mother couldn’t take care of her, therefore she went to live
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