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Do you know what is real and what is not real? I think depending on the person and what their beliefs are. There are people who are capable of contacting the unloving. This does not mean just because one person believes everyone else has too. I am a spiritual person and I believe that the people that have passed on in our lives try to contact me. I know there is a God, but that doesn’t mean everyone else does. I am thinking do we really know? I am in the process of reading a book titled Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue. I am at the starting point in reading the book and I am finding this book has really interesting points. “Is this life real or are we dreaming? I wondered if what we’re doing is
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Ethics is associated with the conception of morality.
The experience that I encountered with ethics is in my last job. I was elected to be component of a team for a project. A coworker had issues with me because I knew that his work was not satisfactory and he asked other coworkers to do his job. The ethical thing that I could have possible done was to report his actions. Ethical morals are important and if the person cannot complete his assignment individually it’s an ethical violation. If someone was in a higher position, then that person should know his responsibility in that position and not ask another coworker to complete the tasks that were assigned to him. Political Philosophy
Political philosophy is a major study area of philosophy. Searching for problems and solutions is political philosophy; the burdens that are problems for societies at that time are researched so that a solution can be addressed properly. One major area of study under the broad umbrella of philosophy is political philosophy. Political philosophy is always searching for a solution to the problems that burden societies of that time. From the Ancient Greeks to the modern day Americans, there are questions that need to be asked and answered as to why laws, and the people who create/enforce them, are a part of society. As well as ways to better the society so that the needs and wants of every individual within it are satisfied.
For instance beauty, when I look at
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