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There are three different parts of elements in one’s soul called: Reason, physical appetites and spirit due to the inner conflict. Each part of the soul is doing its own job. A man can have two different responses from his inner world when he has a conflict to decide. For example, a man was thirsty. He wants to drink some water because his appetite is telling him that he needs to quench. While his reason part will list out all the rational reasons for avoiding him from drinking, such as the water can make you sick. When the man’s desire was higher than reason then the sprite will appear to support with appetite (138). However there is another situation when the spirit will help reason out. “When the soul is divided into factions, it is…show more content…
(3) In Chapter XXIII, how does Socrates use the sun to indicate what he thinks the Good is? According to Socrates “This, then, which gives to the objects of knowledge their truth and to him who knows them his power of knowledge, is the Form of the essential nature of Goodness” (220). Therefore Socrates rejected the idea that knowledge is the essential nature of the Good. Because without knowing what the Good is, then, even a person has lots knowledge, it will all become useless. Thus, when Glaucon asked Socrates to define what the Good is, Socrates answer “It was the Sun…Good has created in the visible world, to stand there in the same relation to vision and visible things as that which the Good itself bears in the intelligible world to intelligence and to intelligible objects” (219). The sun has two main functions .Which is similar to the Good. Sun provided the light, enable people to see stuff. Although people have the eyes to see things; however, if they are walking in the dark, their site can unclear compare to the way they see thing during the daytime when there has sunlight, because sunlight gave people the power to see the color and illuminate the world in every little part for people to see all the beautiful
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