Philosophy : Philosophy, And The Philosophy Of Philosophy

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Many people now a day’s question what is philosophy. Is it about men a long time ago trying to find answers to their own questions and still question their own answers. It takes us back in time in the century before Christ even walked the earth where we had different philosopher such as Socrates, Thales, Aristotle and among others who had their own theories and consumptions about the nature of philosophy. Philosophy comes from the Greek word phílosophía, meaning ‘love of wisdom’; which it’s study of knowledge, or in other terms the way of "thinking about thinking”. Philosophy is a critical process, systematic, constant, unified, and it is a particular approach to a fundamental question. Simply having many questions and numerous of what if’s and it can be’s. There are also questions that are based on being as such as whether God exists, will the truth about the world reveal, does anyone really know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to making life choices and, etc. Philosophy poses series of questions that try to find an answer and still go back to the same question, “what is philosophy?”. From what I read in chapter 1, philosophy is a way an activity that serves a purpose involving with questioning the assumptions of every thought, including oneself. A way to understand philosophy goes back to its origins. According to the book, “Does the Center Hold?”, Plato took this definition very seriously and saw the philosopher as a kind of lover; hence Plato spent a
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