Philosophy Statement: Integrating To The Classroom

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I have decided to go into teaching after many years of management in the manufacturing field, including closing plants and outsourcing. I was guided into engineering in high school and college Even though I am new to the education field, I believe the experience that I can bring to the classroom will be inspiring to the students. I have three children of my own and can see education from both the parent and school points of view. I am organized, flexible, work well with others, and can provide a real world perspective that other teachers may not be able to provide. In being organized, I like to have my teaching plans set at least a week ahead of time. This would include all copies and materials. The next days’ lesson should be set on the desk ready to go whether I am going to be there or not.…show more content…
In being flexible, I understand that circumstances change and a teacher needs to adapt and respond to the changes. With my substitute teaching experience, I have the flexibility to teach at any grade level and environment. In working well with others, I understand that teaching is not a solo activity. You have interaction with other teacher, administrators, staff and parents. All those people need to work together to inspire the students and give them the best educational experience possible. Lastly, my real world experience will give the students a basis for the lesson being taught. I can bring real world examples that will allow the students relate to the lesson being taught. Also with my B.S. in engineering, I have a significant background in science and
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